Posted by: Kumar | May 30, 2009

My very first post.

Hey guys as you can see this is my first entry and I’m going to start it off with photos from my trip to India. So my flight from Manila was at around 2:20 and I got to New Delhi at around 11:10pm Indian time which is like 1:40am Manila time. Then from New Delhi I left for Jaipur right away which was another 4 hour drive in which case I arrived there at about 6:00am.  Unfortunately I was in Jaipur only for one day and I was able to take few pictures. To make the long story short these are photos I took from Manila all the way to Jodhpur. So this around April 21-April 23. Enjoy! 😀


A shot of the plane i was about to ride.
The plane that i was about to ride.

The speedy walkalators
Normal Walkalator but i liked the sign at the back that said “A new journey begins”.

Little Girl
Angry little girl, Haha i saw her tell the singapore airline escort her parents got her to stay away from her sight and make it look like she’s travelling alone. They could keep an eye on her but it should look like they don’t excist. Her words exactly.

Man Walking away

On the move

Airport Life

Inside the plane
Haha i was able to save one shot. As you could see the head of the cabin crew is telling me not to take pictures. But being the absolute hard headed person that i am, I continued until i finally pissed him off. hahaha so he got my camera and deleted the pictures i took inside the flight. they don’t allow it for security purposes.

Normal park in Jaipur
Just a picture i took outside my uncles house of the park.

Inside the park
Picture of the park, Normally there isn’t anything interesting about these parks but then there is something special about this one. Think of how this park manages to stay green with no sprinklers in the middle of the desert at 49 degrees celcius.

Inside the park 2

Mom and sister enjoy snacks
Mom and sister having a little snack called “Chat”.

Pani puri

My sister and my Niece
Sister trying to get a hold of my niece while posing for the camera.

Mom having pani puri

Fresh Sugar Cane juice
Sugar cane juice, The best! seriously..

Rocky my aunts dog.
My Aunt’s dog in Jaipur.

Jaipur Roads
Jaipur Roads

Clue less baby
My confused little niece wondering what it is that she is doing in the middle of the desert.

Camera mode on a Tea stop

Niece and a truck
My niece after being terrified by the giant truck. hahaha

Indian truck drivers gotta love their blow. haha just kidding, it says “BLOW HORN”. You are supposed to blow your horn in order to signal them to let you pass.

Hitting the road
Some hard work.

Big Red

Baby tornado
What are the odds of me seeing a baby tornado?

What are the odds of me seeing a wild peacock right after seeing a baby tornado? haha



  1. Jaipur? nasa fort ka lang pala eh. ikaw tlga oh.

    • Thats the real Jaipur man! haha later ill post pictures of a real fort rin. hahaha

  2. very nice pictures bro. you got some great shots, seriously. will visit every now and then to check for updates. keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks pare. I would love to read your comments on the other shots.

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