Posted by: Kumar | May 30, 2009

Sandstone Mine in Jodhpur

These are pictures of a sandstone mine located in Jodhpur and you can also see the Mehrangarh fort from a far. So moving on, If you like Indian architecture then I’m sure you must be wondering where the stone came from in the various palaces and historic places of India. So yeah this mine right here is one of many Sandstone mines in Rajasthan. Sandstone because of its natural color, its ability to survive severe weathering and of course it’s beauty is enough reason for Indians to choose it as the material of choice for their houses. Its beauty is not only appreciated in India, in recent years heavy export of the said stone to Europe has also begun.

Jodhpuri Sandstone

Road to the mine
Road to the mine

Sandstone mine (jodhpur)
A view of the sandstone mine.

Sandstone mine (jodhpur)
Another shot of the mine but this time a little zoomed. the way the sandstone is extracted is amazing, it makes it look like a giant puzzle from which the pieces have been taken out. Also in this shot you can see tiny sheds the workers have made for them to take breaks in.

Sandstone mine (jodhpur)


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