Posted by: Kumar | May 31, 2009

An evening at The Shastri Circle.

To begin with I would like to confirm to all the people that yeah despite India’s current economic advances, the scope of it does not include the poorest of the poor. That in mind, what I have here is a place where the poor and the rich come and pass time together. Shastri circle is known as a park where people go for morning walks, yoga and morning exercises. But about two years ago they installed these fountains and they were an instant hit among the locals, I mean think of it, musical fountains in the middle of the desert? A sure bet by the local government. So yeah now it’s a multi-purpose park, in the morning it caters to joggers, fitness conscious people and people who just want to go out and have some fresh air. Then during the evening, it becomes an ideal spot for evening walks, dessert after dinner, family outings or even for couples who want to have a quick get away with lights and sounds. That in mind it’s a pretty good place to drop by and catch a glimpse of people having a good time despite all the economic hardships. So yeah here have a look at some pictures I took and I also have a video, oh and yes the song is in Indian. 😀 

Musical Fountains
The Statue of Lal Bahadur Shastri late Prime Minister of India and a significant figure of the indian independence movement.

Musical Fountains
Another one in blue.

Musical Fountains

Musical Fountains
A closer look of the fountains

My cousin and my niece
My cousin and my niece. Yup, its true i have cousins who are older than 40.

People watching the musical Fountains

People and the fountains
A shot to show you how much the people appreciate this place.



  1. ayos. ganda pare. 😉

  2. Oops. This comment is for the other post! Anyway, very colorful fountains! Great shots!

    • Thanks man! haha i got curious though haha which set was the comment for originally? h

  3. – This post! 🙂

    • ayun! thanks pare.

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