Posted by: Kumar | June 1, 2009

Quick stop at The Umed Palace.

These are pictures of the palace from eyes of a tourist who didn’t check in. Yes I did say check in; this amazing palace is one of the newest palaces of India it was completed in 1943 during the time of the British raj. Yes there were kings ruling India even during the time of the British Empire, the Marwar kings had their own agenda and so did the Great Britain so Great Britain considered the Marwari kings as allies rather than foes. So yeah originally this palace was called Chittar palace because it was built on top of Chittar hill. This palace was created by thr grandfather of the present Maharaja of Jodhpur to replace the purpose of the Mehrangarh Fort and also to show that Jodhpur as the capital of the Marwar kingdoms was ready to enter the 20th century with a new look. So yeah check the pictures I took guys, comments would be appreciated! 😀

A shot of the palace from the outside.

A shot of the dome from the outside.

I don’t know why but yeah plants in the desert amuse me.

The path to the palace

A painting reflecting the extravagant past of Jodhpur.

A shot of one of the few rooms remaining open for public viewing. (the rest are still open, but you need to check in to check them out.)


A little birdie sitting on one of the pilars.

The courtyard

A shot of the hallway

2nd shot

The kings old gold plated tea cups.

This was in a showcase, so yeah at the back are the kings polo trophies

another polo trophie

Some of the clocks from the kings exotic clock collection.

More clocks! haha

Jodhpurs coat of arms.

Another hallway

The flag of Jodhpur

Side view of the main entrance
The main entrance of the palace.





The best i could do against the light.


The palace security guard enjoying the breeze.

umed-mehrangarh-mandor-beem bharak 117
What are the odds of me seeing another baby tornado? hahaha



  1. Awesome place man! Very trippy architecture!

    • Yeah dude it’s a mixture of indian architecture, the king hired a foreign architect to work with the best local architect. haha

    • thanks pare!

  2. cool!

    • check out some of the previous posts. bago rin… i would to read your comments.

  3. very nice photos man!

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