Posted by: Kumar | June 2, 2009

Checking out The Mehrangarh Fort

The Merangarh Fort, yet another jewel from Jodhpur’s royal heritage. If you have seen my previous post then you will already have an idea about The Merangarh fort. So yeah The Merangarh’s foundations were layed down on a 410ft hill in Jodhpur on May 12, 1459 by Rao Jodha the 15th Rathore ruler. Before that the Rathore Dynasty’s 1000 year old royal fort was located in Mandore, but due to the rapid growth of the size of their kingdom; they had to move because the Mandore Fort did not provide sufficient security anymore. The fort is located at the center of the city and it’s a daunting but beautiful sight that can be seen from any major road of Jodhpur. The fortress doesn’t only represent strength it represents Indian royal culture at its best, because whatever idea we have on Indian kings are based on Rajasthani kings. Mughals were outside conquerors that had their own values, beliefs and lifestyle that may have been passed down together with their power on some Indian territories from centuries, but Rajput kings were Native Indian Hindu kings. By the way I’m not saying they were the only Native kings, all I’m saying is they were the more… hmmm… glamorous ones? So that being said below I have some pictures of Mehrangarh Fort’s overwhelming architecture. so yeah take a look guys.. comments would be appreciated. 😀

The Fortress
The Mighty Fortress

Outside the fortress.
If this was a modern residence im assuming thats where the security guard will be.



Oh yes, everyones got to love water in the desert.

Water fountain, Indian style! haha you don’t need to move your head, it gives you a cup.


The Fort!

How mountains are meant to be climbed. Man India is so advance you climb mountains with elevators.


The great wall of Jodhpur. locals call it the wall.

The almighty canons of the never conquered Jodhpur.

Well placed canons.

Again, plants in the desert amuse me. 😀

A view from a far of Jaswant Thada, A moseleum where remains of some of the members of the royal family can be found.

My mom. 😀

Look how clever they are, little holes for sticking rifles out.





A shot of the 120 foot palace wall.






Tourists having a goodtime watching the local guy teach them how to wrap a fancy turban around their head.







Palace security personel chilling and probably wondering what im going to do with his picture.

Singers outside to create a Rajasthani ambiance.




More musicians to create an ambiance around.


Down we go


My sister and my niece
My sister and my two nieces.

My Mom all Jai ho'd up! haha
My mom all jai ho’d up.

A humble little Mosque
A humble little Mosque.

Security place again.

Mom with the pigeons
My mom with the sudden urge to make the pigeons fly.

more pigeons

The gathering.

Side view of the fortress

And this was The Mehrangarh fort, unfortunately due to time constraints I couldn’t take pictures of the relics and artifacts inside. So anyways was this worth replacing with Umed palace? in my opinion, maybe because this fort showed the strength of the Rathore clan and this heavily fortified palace was an ideal building to keep their kingdom secure and considering the fact that despite all the sieges it has faced it was never conquered. We can safely say that yes this was important, but then centuries passed and the king had to show that Jodhpur is a city with its eyes on the future. So keeping wars and greed aside the successor of this palace the Umed palace was made by the grandfather of the current king to show that Jodhpur was ready to become a modern and peaceful society.



  1. nice captures! jai jo’d! lol

  2. Your images are really good. Keep posting more. I am really enjoying seeing these beautiful places in Rajasthan.

    They are an inspiration for me to plan my holiday there.

    • Thanks man, will definitely continue posting and yes word of advice before you go to India plot your trip already and book air or train tickets in advance. haha I had to go on a 3700 kilometer road trip for not booking in advance and still I wasn’t able to see everything I originally planned. But even then I can still say that I had a great trip, cause India is one of those places where in no matter what type of delays or problems you experience when you are leaving you still leave with a thought of how much fun you had and what you should come back for.

  3. Those were some great shots dude! The only wall i knew was the great wall of China. HAHAHA! But I’ve got to hand it to you bro. you got some really awesome shots! take it easy man.. peace!

    • Hahaha thanks man, it’s too bad i ddn’t have better shots of the wall. i was like wtf??? that looks like the great wall of china! haha i asked the first guy i saw “what do they call that wall?” he was like “the wall” i was like “the special name? what is it?” haha he was like “no name, just wall”. haha cge pare!!! see you soon! we need to drink pare.

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