Posted by: Kumar | June 11, 2009

A walk in the Mandore Gardens

Sorry for the late upload guys, I know some of you were waiting for my next post because I was posting really quick last week. So before you look at the pictures I would like to give you a brief history of The Mandore Gardens. Mandore was constructed around the 6th century in “Mandorva” and it was where King Nahar Rao Parihar who was a part of the Parihar dynasty ruled from. But then in 1395 AD, a Mohil princess of the Parihar rulers of Mandore married Chundaji, who was part of the Rathore clan. Keep in mind guys this was the part when the Rathore clan was becoming more powerful and stronger, so the dowry must be suitable for a strong empire. Therefore the Mandore fort or now the Mandore gardens were given to Chudanji the Rathore clan ruler as part of the dowry. So yeah the Rathore clan ruled Marwar then on from the Mandore fort. So for those who read my last two posts this is where you connect the dots.”The Mandore Fort” was the predecessor of “The Mehrangarh fort” which was the predecessor of “The Umed Palace”. So from that you can see that whenever the Rathore clan was entering a new era they showed it by ruling from a place that sent a strong message.

So yeah, now some details about the ruins left from The Mandore fort. The Mandore fort was a piece fine architecture when it was made all buildings or “chatris a.k.a. umbrellas” as the locals call them have finely carved botanical designs of Gods, plants, birds and animals. So yeah now Mandore is just a garden. The architectural relics left from the once glorious fort are available for public viewing and honestly for me it still looks beautiful. I wouldn’t even have known that these were ruins; I just thought the kings took the furniture with them when they moved. So if you are in Jodhpur for a visit a quick stop at Mandore wonโ€™t disappoint you because what more could you ask for in a desert? Mandore has all the things to make a traveller happy from lush gardens, ancient ruins and wild life. Drop by im sure wonโ€™t regret it. So yeah here are the pictures guys I hope you like what you see and I would definitely appreciate feedback. Thanks guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some ice cream before i enter. ๐Ÿ™‚

People getting some fresh air.



This tree was supposedly planted when the fort was made in the 6th century. Now thats one tree a tree hugger can’t hug. haha

Oh yes, Monkeys just chilling out.

Im guessing he is the boss.


The Chatris
After a short walk, here they are the ruins of an ancient kingdom.

umed-mehrangarh-mandor-beem bharak 427

More of the Chatris

As you can see even in ancient Marwar they loved their beloved sandstone and for a lot of people the ability to acquire and transport these stones was already a status symbol.

umed-mehrangarh-mandor-beem bharak 436
1400 years old but it still looks better than other new buildings made today.


An engraved sculpture of a hindu Godess.






Im guessing this would be the kings Chatri.

This place is so beautiful even the locals can’t get enough of it.


Almost every section of it has something carved on it.

A view of the dome.

The pillars and little view of the next chatri.

If i were to choose two words to describe these pillars i would choose “strong beauty”.

And that was what I saw in my walk to Mandore, so guys if you ever end up in this side of India definitely pass by Mandore it will be worth your money. So yeah I hope you liked my last 3 posts about the palaces in Jodhpur and maybe learned a thing or two about the ancient and present Jodhpur. Comments would be highly appreciated guys, Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜€



  1. nice shots bro… u went to alot of place pala in india eh

    • Thanks dude. i guess i did.

  2. hey nice pics cuz! nicely taken, it looks professionally taken. keep up the good work!

    • Thanks cuz! hope you are doing well there! ๐Ÿ™‚

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