Posted by: Kumar | September 11, 2009

A quick visit to the Temple in Bheem Bharak

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while and the photos from my India trip are long overdue. So I’m going to resume posting pictures from my India trip. This here is “Bheem Bharak” it’s a temple for Lord Shiva and it was founded by a group of Hindu monks a long time ago, I tried finding out when but my efforts were useless because the locals said that that there was always a place of worship there. But it started because the monks needed a quiet place to worship and since then locals have been contributing to the cause and as you can see from the pictures it’s no longer an ordinary temple it’s quite big and has gone through development. But with big donations came the threat of robbers and the monks decided to take charge of the situations, the monks wouldn’t let me take pictures but then they showed me their weapons they had heavy weaponry desert eagles, high power shotguns and many other imported and note SHINY guns. But they are some of the nicest monks/sadhus I have encountered in INDIA. It was a really quick trip because it was getting dark and the temple is located near one of the major Indian military bases, so we had to leave right away but yeah here are some of the pictures I was able to take. As usual feedback would be highly appreciated.


Radar, Just shows how high risk that area is.


Another view of thetemple


Another view from the temple
Monkeys and flying crows!

View from the temple
More monkeys!

Entrance of the main worship cave
Entrance of the main worship area where the first monks prayed.

Still the way to th cave
Navigating the cave. (note this place had no lights before, a cat directs you to the main area. There is still a cat there until today but i didn’t take a picture because i did not know it’s importance until i left the place)

On the ways to the main area

Main worship area of the early monks
The main worship area where the early monks used to pray. Now just a place to worship for anyone, people still visit because the people believed that the amount of time spent here by monks praying has made this place sacred.

Batmans relatives
Oh yes bats, i didn’t see this at first but yeah the guy told me there were bats on top and i took a picture and when it flashed all the bats flew.

Another lonely bat

Saddhu praying
Saddhu praying

he's got the whole world in his hands
A very nice statue of Lord Krishna in the temple, it’s amazing how they incorporated it to the cave. It looks like it’s lifting the whole cave with it’s pinky.



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