Posted by: Kumar | October 2, 2009

Journey to Amritsar

Yet again, it’s a late post. As usual i’ve been busy with college so yeah here are more pics from my trip to India. In this post i would be sharing the pictures i took in the 1000km drive to Amritsar from Jodhpur. For those familliar with the route you guys might wonder why i don’t have any pictures from the places we passed by. But yeah i have few pictures because we drove non-stop. We only stopped for food and tea. So yeah it was 30+ hours of travel. as tiring as it sounds this would have been awesome if i wasnt on a schedule. So yeah comments would be appreciated guys. good or bad! everyday is a learning experience.

The beginning
Starting point. Sardarpura, Jodhpur.

Happy people
so happy in the start.. they have no idea we are in for a 30+ hour drive.

Streets of ajmer
Streets of ajmer


Bad ass ride
Bad ass ride

Streets of Ajmer
Streets of Ajmer

Amritsar 678 Kilometers.
Just 678 kilometers more.

Tata Truck
A Tata truck, for those who didn’t know Tata motors owns Jaguar and Land Rover.

Rajasthan Roads
Rajasthan Roads

Overloading Revamped
Overloading Revamped

Happy people
Uncle, Cousin, Cousin, Sister, Niece and Mom.

Truck and peeps
I should try that next time. i’ve always wondered why people like sitting on top of truck ands trains.

Pari shy/pissed off
My niece being camera shy. Bet she was extremely tired it had been almost 18 hours since we started travelling.

Dia shy/pissed off
So tired.


Mom surprised!
Mom and sister extremely tired.

Dhaba’s the place to eat when ur travelling in India.. It gives u a sense of where you are. The food is good. Just pick a good one before you stop. In our case our driver knew this one. So yeah we had some tea and streched our backs there.

Only in india
Uncle “stretching” his back after a long drive. Im pretty sure he was asleep.

gas station
Gas Station in Punjab. Im surprised some gas stations in Punjab are better than the ones in the philippines they even had playgrounds and rooms.

My clueless niece
My niece Dia, Enjoying the morning breeze and the play ground.

Cousin and Mom enjoying the swing after almost 20+ hours on the road.

Me enjoying the swing.
Sorry, I couldnt resist. haha

Bench In the gas station

Indian cargo transport trucks
Indian Tata cargo transport trucks.

Gas station play ground
Gas station play ground.

Pari in the slide
My niece Pari enjoying the slide.

Gas Station
I wonder what these bycles are doing in the gas station? hehe

Pari loving the open area

Lush greenery of punjab

The Milk man's ride
The milkman’s badass ride.

Indian Chai
Punjabi Chai

People enjoying early morning fresh air
People enjoying early morning fresh air.

Roads of Punjab

Overloading Reloaded
Overloading Reloaded

Roads of Punjab
Election time. So yeah the Indian Military was everywhere.

Roads of Punjab
Camel on the road.

random shot
A shot of the sign leading to the Golden temple.

Sun set
Finally the outside of the structure where the lake and the Golden temple are located at.

So yeah we left at 9am and got there sunset time nextday. Keep visiting guys pictures of the Golden temple and it’s surrounding would be the content of my next post.


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