Posted by: Kumar | October 14, 2009

Kumar’s Believe it or not

A test of faith or a show of strength? either ways, yes I’m sort off using the whole ripleys thing but this was one of those moments. As i was continuing my travels in India i came across this procession of self sacrifice for the Hindu Goddess Kali. The procession had over 50 people dragging cars and trucks by attaching ropes to hooks that were then hooked on to the backs of the people participating. I have seen these things a lot on T.V. and it looks a lot harder to do in person than it does on T.V. because we assume that these people are comfortable with needles so this is not really a big deal for them, but that was not the case when i saw it in person you can see the amount of strength and perseverance required for them to be able to accomplish this in their faces. But these people are determined to accomplish their task in order to achieve the blessing of the Hindu Goddess. So yeah enjoy the pictures and comments would be appreciated.

Kaali procession 1

Man pulling Maruti

Man getting ready to pull small bus

Man pulls small bus



Man pulling black maruti

Just in case you were wondering why i have so little pictures of this event, it’s cause i just came across this while i was travelling. I cannot say that i was a part of this procession because i didn’t stop or go down the car to try to take more pictures since we were on a tight schedule. But for what it’s worth im glad i saw and took the little pics i have of the procession for me to be able to share it with you guys.


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